What is Tree Plotter

Tree Plotter offers the latest in web, mobile and GIS technologies for urban forestry and arboriculture.  It is a comprehensive software application for inventory and data management, reporting, outreach and tree care.

  • Cloud based – real time access with secure data
  • Customisable – built to meet your specific needs
  • Subscription – choose the plan right for you
  • Mobile – no GPS required, use on any device

Tree Plotter replaces traditional database desktop software with a web based application allowing unlimited users to access, add, and edit data in real time.  Tree Plotter was created by Plan-It-Geo, an urban forestry software and consulting firm, built by certified arborists and foresters, and is used in house for inventory and management projects.

Our bed based platform allows API and WFS integrations, so use Tree Plotter exclusively or integrate with an existing technology stack.  Data is securely stored in the cloud locally in Sydney.

Why use Tree Plotter

Tree Plotter delivers revolutionary mapping technology and provides universal access to data with impeccable personalised support.

Managing your urban forest can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Use Tree Plotter to design planting plans, customise reports, track work history, and manage multiple projects.  Additional modules will take your application to the next level by using industry standard best practices, workflows and calculations.  With unlimited customisation capabilities, you can tailor Tree Plotter to your specific needs.

Map based software enables data visualisation to better manage, communicate and achieve your urban forestry goals.

Tree Plotter works for everyone: whether you are a practicing or consulting arborist, professional tree manager, large municipality or somewhere in between, Tree Plotter has something for you.

Experience Tree Plotter

Visit www.treeplotter.com/pricing to see all available software packages.

Schedule a live demo today with Ben Kenyon email – admin@homewood.com.au

Explore our demo applications – www.treeplotter.com/tpdemos

More Information

For more information contact Homewood Consulting on 1300 404 558 or complete our General Enquiry form.

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