Homewood Consulting is a team of experienced and qualified arboricultural consultants providing expert advice on the management of trees in the landscape.  We have office locations in Melbourne VIC, Newcastle NSW and Canberra ACT.   We work across all states and territories of Australia.

We are an innovative company and have led the development and use of digital and computer technology, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) across the Australian arboriculture industry.

We combine our expert tree knowledge and GIS skills to produce accurate, high quality arborist reports, tree management plans and tree inventories.

Our team is a tightly knit group, passionate about arboriculture. We are down to earth people, who pride ourselves on not only our qualifications and experience but our professional attitude and our ability to work across a wide range of industries.

Homewood Consulting was established by Ben Kenyon in 2002. Ben is a third generation Arborist, and after more than 15 years as a practicing Arborist in the field found that there was a need for qualified consultants who actually knew trees.

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